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Manufacturers of PTFE lined valves


Group A PTFE sleeved plug valves
PTFE sleeved plug valves (6" and above)
PTFE sleeved plug valves Screwed End
PTFE sleeved plug valves with Actuator

Group B PTFE lined (PFA / FEP) plug valve
PTFE lined (PFA / FEP) plug valve
(6" and above)

Group C
Variable valves with Automation

Group D Lined (PFA / FEP) ball valves
PTFE Lined 'V' Control Ball Valve
Elastomer super seat lined ball valve

Group E PTFE lined check valve

Group F Sight glass valve

Group G PTFE lined butterfly valve

Group H PTFE sleeved plug valve - Jacketed type
PTFE sleeved plug valve